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Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can lead to behaviours that have a negative influence over many aspects of life. Cases can range from mild to severe, and I myself have experience working with those who exhibit hoarding behaviours, obsessive thoughts, or obsessive checking. While each individual is unique, cognitive behavioural therapy has a long record as a technique to help people suffering with OCD to understand the triggers, behaviours, and destructive patterns. By identifying the root causes underpinning this condition, together we can formulate a treatment plan that looks at challenging negative or damaging behaviours.

Using CBT to combat obsessive compulsive disorder would first include an assessment that looks at your history, as well as your reasons for seeking out therapy. The number of sessions that you would attend is entirely up to you; it is important to go at your own pace and also have patience with yourself and the processes.

If you’d like to find out more about using CBT for to help overcome obsessive compulsive disorder, then you can reach me using this online contact form.

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