About Joy

I recently retired from the NHS mental health service after many years spent working as a therapist. My time with the NHS was invaluable, not least because of the continued professional development it afforded me, but the experiences it gave me of working with many different clients with many different needs.

I have also worked extensively in Primary Care/IAPT, and have experience of working with clients in a clinical setting using assessments to drive formulation and treatment plan.

As an individual, I am personable, conscientious and reliable. The reason I chose to work in mental health is because I genuinely care about the individuals who come to me for help and want the best for them.

Joy Bowhay pictured by Skipton Canal

As a cognitive behavioural therapist, I place great emphasis on working in a collaborative and trusting relationship with the client. It is important to me that I help them develop meaningful tools that they can go on to use after the therapy sessions have come to a conclusion.

I am dedicated to my continual professional development and as such am attending workshops this year in EMDR (trauma-based therapy). I have continued to attend workshop on mindfulness and enjoy exploring its applications to cognitive behavioural therapy. I also have experience in CBT supervision and would be happy to discuss any opportunities to supervise trainees or qualified therapists.

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