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Addiction not only affects the individual involved. It is normal for the addiction to have a knock-on impact on family members, as well as friends and loved ones. I have worked extensively with clients that have shown typical addicted patterns and behaviours; including alcohol abuse, substance misuse, binge eating, and gambling addiction. I also have experience working with relatives to overcome trust issues as a result of a family member’s addictive behaviours, and, in unfortunate cases, resulting bereavements or loss.

When working with clients who have addictive patterns, we would first undertake a detailed assessment. We would use this to identify triggering behaviours surrounding the addiction, as well as dysfunctional patterns. This would then be followed by a collaborative and agreed treatment plan, that looks at challenging and changing these patterns.

If you’d like to discover more about how CBT can work to help you overcome your addictive behaviours, then please contact me using this online form.

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