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Anxiety effects everyone to a certain degree, as a natural response to the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. It evolved to help our survival. But unfortunately in certain cases, it can overwhelm the individual, and even dominate their day-to-day life. If it interferes with daily routines, causing tangible effects such as butterflies in the stomach, avoidance behaviours, panic attacks, or phobia, then professional help should be sought.

There are many different types of anxiety. Some people even have more than one! Identifying both the causes and symptoms of your anxiety is the first part of the process towards overcoming it. I have experience working with many different types of cases, including diagnosed cases of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobia, social anxiety, panic disorder, work-related stress and generalised anxiety.

According to the NICE Guidelines, CBT can be more effective than medication when used to overcome certain anxieties or phobias. When working with clients who show symptoms or signs of anxiety, we would first complete an assessment. Together, we would then develop a collaborative treatment plan that looks at common behavioural and thought patterns, as well as ways to adjust these.

If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss any of the above conditions, please use this online contact form. Alternatively you can call me during normal working hours on 07746184472

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