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Trauma, in essence, is the outcome of a deep, emotional shock. It is a normal response to a situation or incident that is abnormal.

Traumatic events can cause conditions such as PTSD. fear, anxiety, anger, and depression. It can be the result of something like a bereavement, road traffic accident (RTA), a life-threatening incident, recent or past abuse, and domestic violence.

It is generally very helpful to talk about the traumatic incident as opposed to avoiding it. CBT, as a talking therapy, can aid this process. Our initial steps would be to complete an assessment and to formulate a treatment plan. Particularly in cases of PTSD, which can have a severe impact upon an individual’s life, CBT can work to help allay fears and offer strategies to cope with their effects.

There are also options to explore whether other treatment methods that have been evidenced as particularly beneficial in the treatment of trauma-based disorders, such as EMDR, may be of relevance to your situation. If you’d like to book a phone consultation to discuss using CBT or EMDR to help with trauma, feel free to contact me using this online contact form or calling 07746 184472.

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